The Living Dead will be released on December 21, 2012!

The Living Dead Blog

Welcome to the Production Blog for THE LIVING DEAD

Here you will find talk, tales and tribulations regarding the production and post production of The Living Dead, a feature length film that takes a deep bloody look into the world of the Zombie Loving Aficionado.

Many things had to align themselves properly for this film to happen in the first place. Leading the charge was our ninja-like producer Kelly Wood Jobes who's support has been nothing short of unwavering. She took it to Chestbump Entertainment and ran with it and now here we are, wrapping up pre-production and headed into shooting. Without Kelly, this is still just ideas scribbled in my copybook.

Let's not forget the diabolical duo of Robert Drake and David Christman for allowing us to infiltrate and observe the world they created here in Philly back in 2006 when they had the first of now seven annual PHILLY ZOMBIE CRAWLS, the premiere zombie event on the east coast. This eventually grew with the addition of the Zombie Beach Party, the Zombie Prom and the Zombie Invasion of Dorney Park. All of these are key elements in the story we are attempting to tell.

Let's not forget the post production team out in Hollywood California who have agreed to join the bi-coastal crew. David Cohen will be our supervising sound editor with Steve Olmon working along side him on the mix-downs and engineering at DBC AUDIO. And Alex Barroso working for the third time for Philly Philms as a visual effects artist.

But this film never happens without the "Unholy Trinity". Myself, Ernest Tedesco and Larry Wright. While sitting around drinking beers, the three of us took a few loose ideas to shoot some "Zombie Scenes" for a website and turned them into a feature length scripted look into the world of the Zombie Lover. With us three and Kelly all wearing multiple hats.

Last but certainly not least, we wouldn't be able to make this film without you! The Zombie Lover or perhaps.. the Zombie? It is you and your insatiable lust for all things Zombie that not only make events like this possible but also making films like this possible. For without you and your unwavering desire to play dead... we'd have nothing.

Anyway, check back as we progress through this summer of shooting THE LIVING DEAD and we'll have updates, photos and videos, casting and screenings and just about anything else Zombie we can throw at you. Follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook and be sure to drop us your email address to stay informed of any potential viral outbreaks.

Thanks for taking some time to stop by the site, we'll be sure to eat your brains last.

Zombie Mike